Advantages of customer feedback

Get to know your customers

Customers think along and have great ideas. Offer a unique communication channel your customers can use to actively associate themselves with your brand and communicate their thoughts.

Differentiate from the competition

Present yourself as customer orientated and market your uniqueness compared to the competition. You place value in your customer’s feedback and your customers know to appreciate that.

Improve your online reputation

Avoid negative customer feedbacks online using an on-site channel. Filter out negative opinions and improve your online reputation and your recommendation rates.

Optimize your offer

Learn using your customer feedback. Optimize your service quality and processes. Receive suggestions for improvements and ideas for developments within your company.

Hold unsatisfied customers

Your customer tells you they are unsatisfied. Contact them and resolve the problem. Use this special experience to turn them from unsatisfied to satisfied customers.

Bind your customers in the long term

Winning over new customers is expensive. Use the information advantage from digital surveys to fascinate your customers and bind them and profit from lasting loyalty.