Feedback Terminals are the easiest way to collect customer and employee feedback.

Your advantages with feedback terminals .

You will receive a good looking Feedback Terminal which can be easily unpacked, plugged in and placed. You will immediately receive customer and employee feedback through the iFEEDBACK® Terminal, directly and honestly. Customers located on site tend to give more honest and specific feedback.

In the future, you will receive many times more feedback than ever before. You also accompany the customer on their complete customer journey and always know what the customer really thinks.
More Feedback
Higher Recommendation Rate
Honest Feedback
More Happy Customers

The Terminal

Your Branding

Upon request you get the Feedback Terminal with your CI-Colors und logos.


Order, unpack and collect feedback immediately.

More Feedback

Cleverly placed, you get much more feedback than before.

What our customers say 

With our iFEEDBACK® Feedback Terminals, we have helped many of our customers increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve the relationship between employees and supervisors.

Simple and smart handling of feedback terminals

Question types

Choose your suitable questions from a variety of question types or create your own questions quickly and easily.


Simply unpack the feedback terminal, plug it in and collect feedback. The iFEEDBACK® software is pre-installed.

Your Branding

On request, our iFEEDBACK® terminals can be adapted to your brand. Set new visual stimuli with your colours and logos.

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