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Higher Trust
More Revenue

Justhalf a star less, means on average 7-9% less turnover.
Secure your reputation now with the iFEEDBACK® HelpDesk.

support from Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Holidaycheck and more!

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The functions of the HelpDesk

Create Tickets

In the HelpDesk, tickets are created for each rating. So you never forget to react to a review again.


Use and create ready-made answers to work more efficiently.

Direct Messaging

Reply directly from your HelpDesk to comments or ratings.


With the iFEEDBACK® HelpDesk you are able to manage common platforms like Facebook or Google from your backend.

Create answers easily in the HelpDesk

Publish with one click

The HelpDesk Miracle

Automate recurring tasks

Google Ratings

Get new Google ratings as usual.


Automatically receive a notification in the HelpDesk about a new rating.

Response Templates

Use the HelpDesk as a 2-way interface. Answer with ready-made response templates.

Ticket Creation

Create tickets directly in the HelpDesk so you can respond to all reviews in the future.

Increase Reputation

Through interaction you create proximity to your customers. You increase trust and online reputation.


With the iFEEDBACK® HelpDesk you create a productive cycle to better manage your tasks.